HPG: Turkey resorts to lies, fake victories to hide losses before Turks

The General Command of the People's Defense Forces (HPG) said in a statement on Friday (July 26) that it had previously declared it had nothing to do with the assassination of a Turkish diplomat in the Kurdistan Region's capital, Hewlêr. Noting the Turkish state was seeking to spread lies to hide its losses.

The statement said that the Turkish state is working to "mislead public opinion and influence the morale of the fighting Kurdish people " in the framework of the "special war" the Turkish intelligence operates "through spreading lies about the military operations from Khakurk to Zap and from Zap to Dêrsim, following the heavy losses the Guerrillas inflicted to the occupation army in those areas."

The statement referred to the "real crisis" the Turkish occupation state is experiencing after launching several large-scale military operations in different areas of northern and southern Kurdistan, "but it publishes false news through its media indicating mock victories on the Guerrilla fighters to hide their losses to the Turkish people and affect morale of the Kurdish people and the Kurdistan Liberation Movement. "

"The Turkish army has not been able to achieve its objectives through its operations, so it is resorting to air and ground bombardment of the lawful defense areas (Medya) and other areas of southern Kurdistan, and the Turkish state media is spreading misleading information aimed at defaming the fighters of the Kurdistan Freedom Movement".

The General Command of the People's Defense Forces in its statement assured refuting any "responsibility" for the assassination of the Turkish diplomat in Hewlêr, adding "all military operations targeting the areas of Guerrilla are meaningless and the campaign launched by the Turkish intelligence against the young Kurds is an unethical campaign shows the extent of the brutality of the Turkish state "We stress that the news related to the surrender of five of our fighters themselves is not true."

He concluded by saying: "We appeal to the public opinion and national Kurds and tell them that the alliance government between AKP and the MHP in Turkey has received significant losses on the military and political level from the Kurdistan Freedom Movement, so it is seeking a special war that the public must be careful and aware of; we also confirm that we are proceeding our struggle to achieve the freedom of our people, whatever high the price be.


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