HPG threatens Turkish occupation army with heavy losses in Khakurk

On Tuesday (28 May), the People's Defense Forces' (HPG) Media Center released a statement about the military operation initiated by the Turkish occupation army in the area of ​​"Khakork" in southern Kurdistan, pointing out that "large losses" are waiting for the occupation army.

The statement pointed out that the Turkish occupation army began yesterday a large-scale military operation on the squares of "Martyr Darwish and martyr Shakiv" in the area of ​​Khakurk in southern Kurdistan, in order to control it, where the warplanes and helicopters began air strikes after which soldiers were deployed in the area."

The statement revealed the "false" allegations of the Turkish media in achieving military progress on the ground in that region fall within the framework of the "special war" to mislead public opinion and give incorrect information, "just as it did last year, "Whatever the shape of the military operation the Turkish occupation state launched is, the guerrillas have made sufficient preparations to inflict heavy historic losses amongst the ranks of the Turkish occupation army."

The HPG statement noted that detailed information on the air and ground bombardments launched by the Turkish occupation army since the start of the military operation "will be published through an official statement later."

The statement pointed to a qualitative operation of the Guerrilla fighters in the framework of the campaign of "revolutionary victory" in the area of ​​Serhed in northern Kurdistan, which targeted a convoy of the Turkish occupation army in Eder area, where the convoy was heading to Basharan barrack in Bashan area, where a military vehicle was completely destroyed while ambulances rushed to the scene of the operation to move the wounded soldiers to hospitals, as well as the recovery of the bodies of the killed. Besides, units of the Turkish occupation army withdrew from the region, ending its military operation without achieving any results, according to the People's Defense Forces' statement.

Source: ANF

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