HPG targets Turkish occupation army, eliminate 17 dead soldiers

The People's Defense Forces (HPG) and the Free Women's Units (YJA-STAR) inflicted painful blows on the Turkish occupation army in several locations from Khakurk to Amanos, killing 17 Israeli occupation soldiers, including officers and commanders, and destroying a Rio armored vehicle as well as damaging another.

The HPG's Media Center issued a statement on the operations their forces carried out:

"Our forces carried out several qualitative operations in several locations against the occupation operations of the Turkish occupation army in the areas of Khakurk in the areas of legitimate defense.

In the context of the Revolutionary Campaign of Martyrs Bakir and Ronya, our forces inflicted painful blows on the Turkish occupation army.

YJA-STAR kill 7 Turkish occupation soldiers

On 12 June at 22:00, the Free Women's Units carried out an operation targeting Turkish army soldiers stationed at Lilkan Hill in the Khakurk area. Two soldiers were confirmed dead in the operation.

On 20 June, the Free Women's Units (YJA-Star) targeted Turkish occupation soldiers near Tabi Khoudi killing five soldiers, including a leader.

A Rio military vehicle destroyed

On June 21, at 08:00, our forces carried out a bomb attack on a military vehicle of the type of Rio in Cile in Colemêrg, it resulted in the destruction of the vehicle and the killing of a large number of soldiers and the number of dead and wounded in the operation was not confirmed.

Our units, which carried out these three operations, returned to their points of concentration safely.

Armored vehicle damaged in Shakh

On 17 June, our forces carried out an operation targeting Tenki police station at the Kato Khaleela square in Shakh district of Wan that resulted in killing Turkish army soldier and damaging an armored vehicle. After the operation, the Turkish occupation army began operation in the region on 19 June.

Strikes to occupation soldiers who launched operation on Botan

As part of revenge campaign of Martyr Medya Mawa and Rizgar Gever, our forces carried out an operation against the units that had begun operations in Botan. In this context,

On June 19 at 19:00, our forces targeted in a qualitative operations all the units of the occupation army, which started an operation in the area; consequently, 7 soldiers of the Turkish occupation army were killed and two others wounded. The Turkish occupation army moved the wounded and dead bodies by armored vehicles. The Turkish occupation army, which received heavy blows, withdrew from the area in the evening hours of the same day. There were no casualties in our forces in this operation.

A unit's commander killed in Hatay

On June 19, a hidden unit of the Turkish occupation army was ambushed in Tofdak in the Dortiul of Hatay. Our troops followed that hidden unit and hit it at 10:20 on the same day. Two elements of the unit, one in charge of the unit and two others, were confirmed dead. Our unit that carried out the operation returned to its headquarters without any losses "

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