HPG revealed record of 3 fighters martyred in 2017

The media center of the People Defense Forces (HPG) revealed the record of three fighters martyred in 2017.

The HPG Media Center issued a statement to public opinion, revealing the record of three fighters, who were martyred at different dates in Medya( the Legitimate Defense Areas).

The statement expressed condolences to the families of the martyrs, and pledged to achieve the wishes and demands of the martyrs.

According to the statement, the martyrs' record is as follows:

The nom de guerre:  Avaşîn Umut

The real name: Melek Demiroglu

The father's name: Eshet

The mother's name: Halime

The place of birth: Colemêrg

The date and place of martyrdom: Medya, on 9 September 2017.


The nom de guerre: Devrîm Mazlûm

The real name: Devrîm Kara

The father's name: Osman

The mother's name: Azime

The place of birth: Şirnex

The date and place of martyrdom: Medya , on 20 February 2017.


The nom de guerre: Tolhildan Agirî

The real name: Medya Unver

The father's name: İhsan

The mother's name: Leyla

The place of birth: Mexmûr

The date and place of martyrdom: Medya, on 18 July 2017.



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