HPG revealed 2 of its fighters martyred in Xakurkê

The media center revealed the Peoples' Defense Forces HPG, through a statement, on the record of fighters killed on May 28, 2019 Xakurkê area.

The Media Center of the Peoples' Defense Forces HPG issued today a statement of public opinion, through which it revealed the record of fighters who were martyred on May 28, 2019, Xakurkê area, which is affiliated with the legitimate defense areas Medyayê.

The media center indicated in its statement that the fighters were martyred during an attack by the Turkish occupation army on Xakurkê area.

The media center offered deepest condolences to martyrs' families and the general Kurdish people in martyring the fighters.

The record of the fighters, according to the statement, is:


Nom de guerre: Demhat Botan

Name and surname: Îdrîs Babayîgît

Place of birth:  Şirnex

Mother's name: Sîdiye

Father's name: Ahmed

lace and date of the martyrdom: Xakurk / on the 28th of May 2019


Nom de guerre: Rojaht Serhat

Name and surname: Taner Derîn

Place of birth:  Wan

Mother's name: Guzel

Father's name: Mustafa

Place and date of martyrdom: Xakurk / on the 28th of May...




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