HPG: Ops' coordinator in Turkish Army in Heftenîn operation killed

On Tuesday HPG's media center issued a statement in which it revealed the killing of Heftenîn Operation coordinator in the operation carried out on current August 25 in "Partizan Hill" in which 20 Turkish soldiers killed.

The HPG continue their historic resistance in the face of the Turkish occupation in the framework of the Martyr Bager and the Martyr Roniya Campaign where they carried out a special operation August 25 against a special units of the Turkish occupation in Partizan Hill where they announced in a statement the killing of 20 Turkish soldiers in that operation and they obtained information on the killing of the coordinator of the special operations in the same operation.

"On the current August 26, the Turkish occupation Army carried out deploying operation in Pîsax Valley in Sîser area supported by the warplanes and the drones along with heavy and medium weapons and the Turkish fighters sought to target Beznik Square and Pîsax valley with areal raids.

The Turkish occupation army, which uses the latest military technology and heavy weapons, along with the air force, has suffered major defeats as a result of the historical resistance of HPG fighters. Through its own media (in the context of the special war), it hides the heavy losses it has suffered at the hands of the HPG fighters and publishes incorrect information about the conduct of the fighting on several fronts.

On August 24, the Turkish army began a military operation in Qalans area of ​​the town of 'Êlihê' of Amed countryside, after it deployed a large group of soldiers through combat helicopters. Warplanes also shelled the area indiscriminately. But the process stopped without any progress .. we will reveal the record of our comrades who were martyred in resisting the advancement of the enemy army in a statement to be published later."



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