HPG: Military convoy destroyed, 79 Turkish soldiers killed

The People’s Defense Forces said that 79 of the Turkish occupation army forces were killed in a military operation targeting a military convoy in Agri governate in northern Kurdistan.

The People’s Defense Forces(HPG) and Free Women’s Units-Star issued a statement about the military operation that targeted a Turkish military convoy in the countryside of Beyazid district of Agri governate.

The text of the statement read:

As part of the ongoing revolutionary victory campaign in Ayala Sarhad, our forces carried out, at 08.50 a.m. on March 2, an expanded revolutionary operation targeting a Turkish army military convoy on the road between Beyazid and Agri, near the village of Kobulak.

Three buses were targeted, in addition to the Cobra armored vehicle accompanying the convoy. The operation resulted destroying two buses and a military vehicle of the Cobra type, as well as damage to the other bus. Our forces also targeted Turkish army personnel who came to support the convoy.

The military operation killed 79 soldiers. The Turkish occupation forces brought dozens of ambulances to transfer the dead and injured soldiers from the scene of the operation, while our units returned to their sites without losses."


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