HPG inflict several strikes to the Turkish occupation army in Wan, Amed

The People's Defense Forces'(HPG) Media Center said in a statement that their forces carried out qualitative operations against the Turkish occupation army resulting in the killing of a Turkish occupation army's soldier and damaging an armored vehicle in Wan and the destruction of Baz station in Amed.

HPG'S Media Center issued a written statement on the operations carried out by the Guerrilla fighters and the air attacks of the Turkish occupation army.

The statement said:

"In the context of Revenge Campaign for Martyrs Medya and Rizgar, on June 17, our forces carried out an operation targeting Tanki outpost in the Khao Khilila area of ​​Shakh district of Wan and severely hit enemy positions, fortifications and armored vehicles in the outpost from two axes, which resulted in killing a soldier and damaging an armored vehicle.

On 17 June at 00:30, our forces carried out an operation targeting Baz station of the occupier in Qudarni village in Amed's Kolb district and the station was destroyed.

The Turkish occupation army launched air attacks on the areas of legitimate defense (MEDYA) and in this context:

On 17 June at 21:00, the Turkish warplanes bombed Khantur area in Haftanin. On the morning of June 18, they also bombarded Martyr Kendal, Birbala and Khantur areas in Haftanin, at approximately 11:20 of the same day, they shelled Kesta region in Matina.

The shelling did not cause any casualties in our troops but caused fires in Kesta region."


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