HPG inflict blows to Turkish occupation army in north Kurdistan

The Media Center of the People’s Defense Forces (HPG) released a statement revealing qualitative operations they conducted against two sites of the Turkish occupation in Agirî and Şirnex north Kurdistan.


The HPG statement included:

On 19 February, our forces carried out an operation against the Turkish occupation army in Kora area on Mount Judi in the Kurdish state of Şirnex. After precise watching, our forces could target cells related to the Turkish Special Forces hidden in the mount, resulting in killing, wounding a number of the occupation forces, but the number has not been identified yet.

On 20 February, our forces launched a military offensive in Deriya Birana, Deriya Wara, and Navser in Mount Judi after huge air landing of soldiers from helicopter. However, at 21:00, they had to withdraw without achieving any results.

On February 21, our forces targeted a vehicle belonging to the Turkish occupation on the Zorava road in Agirî Kurdish state. All information about this operation will be published in detail later.


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