HPG disclosed record of 2 martyrs

The People Defense Forces disclosed record of 2 martyrs martyred in the Turkish bombing in April.

Today, HPG issued a statement to the public, revealing the record of the 2 fighters: Avzem Cîhan Mûnzûr and Kurdistan Delîl.

In the statement, HPG  offered condolences to the families of the martyrs and assured them to follow their path until their objectives are achieved.

The record of the martyrs is:


The nom de guerre: Avzem Cîhan Mûnzûr
The real name: Ezgî Torûn
The place of birth: Dersim
The mother's name: Gulcan
The father's name: Şahîn
The place and date of martyrdom: April 4- 2019- Medya


The nom de guerre: Kurdistan Delîl
The real name : Gullu Akdogan
The place ofbirth: Colemêrg
The mother's name: Besna
The father's name: Ahmet
The place and date of martyrdom : April-8- 2019 Medya.



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