HPG disclosed outcome of operation against Turkish occupation

The media center of the HPG disclosed the outcome of its operation carried out against the Turkish occupation which led to the killing of 3 elements of the Turkish occupation.

The  Media Center of HPG issued a written statement on the operations carried out by their forces against the Turkish occupation army and air attacks of the Turkish occupation on the areas of Medya.

The statement said:

"On July 13, the warplanes of the Turkish occupation army shelled the hill of Aziz in Khakurk area of Medya, and in the evening hours of July 14 the warplanes bombed a Tal Helicopter and on July 15 bombed Shikiri Spi hill, after the bombing, the Skorsky helicopters of the Turkish occupation army landed soldiers on the hill of Aziz and Tal Helicopter and wanted to be stationed there.

Our forces carried out an operation targeting the Turkish occupation soldiers who spread in the area, cutting down forest trees. Our troops followed the hillside of martyr Saraya. On July 14, at 11:00, our forces targeted the enemy unit and hit it, killing 3 soldiers and injuring several others. At 20:00 the Turkish occupation army moved the injured and dead from the area by helicopters. Our unit, which carried out the operation, returned to its headquarters without any losses.

In the context of the revolutionary campaign of the martyrs Roniya and Bager , on 14 July at 16:00, our forces targeted the machinery of the Turkish occupation army, which was operating on the security road between the villages of Warknem and Kendaluk in the village of Gever  of Gulmerk, a bombing operation resulted in the destruction of a machinery, and it was not possible to know the number of dead and wounded army Turkish occupation in this operation.

On July 14, the Turkish warplanes bombed the Amadiyah hill in the Amadiyah district of Dehuk and the vicinity of Falha village in Zai area. The bombing did not cause any casualties in the ranks of our forces. "



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