HPG: Armored vehicle destroyed; soldiers on killed

The People's Defense Forces (HPG) destroyed an armored vehicle of the Turkish occupation army and killed a number of soldiers on through a qualitative operation targeting a group of Turkish occupation soldiers in Cilê northern Colemêrg region of Kurdistan.

On Friday (July 5th), the HPG's Media Center issued a statement saying: "The Guerrilla fighters continue their military operations in the context of the" Martyrs Bakr and Ronya Revolutionary Campaign in several areas of northern and southern Kurdistan." Our fighters launched an attack, at 06:00 on Thursday morning, on a military armored vehicle belonging to the enemy's army in Cilê, where the armored was completely destroyed, and the Turkish soldiers inside it killed, without knowing the exact number.

The statement pointed out that the guerrillas launched an attack at 10:00 on the same day on the military units belonging to the Turkish occupation army "stationed on Stona hill in the area of Cilê... our forces succeeded in destroying fortifications of enemy's units, while we could not know the number of soldiers killed."

Source: ANF

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