HPG announces martyrdom of fighters in Turkish occupation bombardment

In a statement on Friday (27 September), the People’s Defense Forces (HPG) said that a fighter from the ranks of Guerrilla and a fighter of Free Women's Units was martyred after an aerial bombardment by Turkish warplanes in Şirnex and Badlis in northern Kurdistan.

The statement pointed out that the Turkish occupation army began a large-scale military operation on September 22 in the "Kela Mama" area of ​​the "Qalaban" area in Şirnex, and the warplanes launched the next morning air strikes targeting the area "Sury Osman" bombings coincided with the overflights of helicopters "We will publish details of the battles in a later statement," the statement said.

The statement pointed to the martyrdom of a fighter in the ranks of the HPG in the aerial bombardments of warplanes belonging to the Turkish occupation army, as part of a military operation "started by the enemy army on September 19, the current" Sheikh Hadi "district of Badlis.

Martyr record:

Name: Sipan Tatwan

Real name: Devrim Akbay

Place of birth: Badlis

Name of mother and father: Khiriya - Sadruddin

Place and date of martyrdom: Badlis, 17 September 2019

The statement of the People’s Defense Forces noted to the air strikes launched by warplanes of the Turkish occupation army, on 24 September, on the "Dola Mezi" area of ​​"Gever" district of Colemêrg, noting that a fighter of the Free Women’s Units martyred during these shelling operations.

Martyr record

Name: Mizgin Axin

Real name: Aylm Ozan

Place of birth: Mardin

Name of mother and father: Turkan - Ayoub

Air raids on Avashin and Haftanen

The statement touched upon the airstrikes launched by Turkish warplanes on September 25, 16:00 on the side of "Buktoria" of the region of Haftanin in the areas of legitimate defense (Medya), and at 08:00 the next morning, on 26 September, Avashin Valley witnessed similar raids, and so did the villages of Qandil, where they were under aerial bombardments from 15:30 to 17:30 on the same day. "

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