HPG: 7 Turkish soldiers killed in Kafr, Khakurk operations

The People's Defense Forces HPG indicated that their fighters of Free Women Units YJA-Star carried out operations against the Turkish occupation army in the areas of Kafr and Khakurk, and resulted in the killing of 7 Turkish occupation soldiers.

On Thursday, the HPG People's Defense Forces issued a statement about the operations carried out by its forces and YJA-Star Free Women Units in Kafr and Khakurk, and the Turkish occupation aircraft raids on the project of legitimate areas "Medyah".

The statement stated that the Guerilla fighters continue their military operations against the Turkish occupation army in the framework of the campaign "Martyr Bakr and the revolutionary martyr Ronya", and the statement added, "Yesterday, 08:00, our fighters targeted a group of enemy army soldiers in the area between Tell Lilkan And the town of Kivurt, in the district of ​​Khakurk, by sniper operations that killed 4 soldiers and wounded 3 others, and the occupation army rushed to exhume the bodies of the dead and wounded from the battlefield and withdrew its units from the area.

The statement noted, "Our fighters carried out this operation in fulfillment of the martyrs of the Battle of Haftanin."

The statement pointed out that the Turkish occupation army began at 02:00 on July 19, a large-scale military operation in the vicinity of the town of "Merkarzi" of the "Kafr" district in the area of ​​Colemêrg , adding: "Guerilla fighters responded to the enemy's army's attempts to advance in the vicinity The region, and violent clashes erupted, in which 3 Turkish soldiers were killed and others wounded, and on the morning of July 21, the Turkish units participating in the operation withdrew without making any progress on the ground.

The statement of the People's Defense Forces referred to air strikes launched by Turkish warplanes on the legitimate defense areas (Medyah), as follows:

On July 21 at 15:00, the villages of Drake, Mam Akid and Cedar, belonging to the “Kari” area, were subjected to intense air strikes.

On July 22, between 04:00 and 05:00, Turkish warplanes bombed the villages of Anzi, Sali, Brian, Wadi al-Shuhada, and Zarkali district, which is located in Qandil, and on the same day, the town of Koshin, in the area of ​​Khakurk district, witnessed a similar bombardment "without causing any injuries in the ranks of Guerilla fighters as a result of these air strikes.



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