HPG: 6 Turkish soldiers, 3 Kontra's elements killed

In a statement, by  HPG, it said that the fighters of YJA-Star carried out a series of operations against the Turkish occupation army in Sharnakh district of Gulmerk state, in which 6Turkish soldiers were killed along with 3 members of the Kontra militia.

The statement, issued by the Media Center of the People Defense Forces(HPG) on Wednesday (July 17), reported that the Guerrillas continue their military operations against the Turkish occupation army in the framework of the campaign "revenge for the martyrs Rizgar Gever and Maydia Mawa," in this context, "our fighters carried out a series of operations targeting units of the enemy army in several areas of the state of Gulmerk.

The statement added: " the Turkish occupation army began the establishment of a military base on the hill 'Karcool' in the area 'Alki' of Sharnakh, and at 07:20 on July 15, our fighters targeted machinery belonging to the enemy army was transporting elements of the Kontra (militia armed elements Local forces linked to the occupation army), and confirmed the killing of 3 elements of the Kontra during the operation, which coincided with another operation by the fighters targeted machinery were paving roads to the military base, where it was destroyed, while our fighters returned to the points of concentration without injuries ".

The statement of the HPG noted that the Turkish state published in its media that the dead of the Kontra are "workers, and we would like to inform our people that those killed are members of the armed Kontra militia linked to the Turkish army and fighting within the ranks, and the publication of such lies by the Turkish media only a psychological war operated by the authorities in the context of the special war, so we call on our people not to believe those lies. "

The statement pointed out that the fighters of YJA-Star "targeted at 17:00 on July 16, a military armored vehicle  of (REO) type was carrying Turkish soldiers towards the barracks 'Zirin' perimeter of the town of 'Asnder' in Gever, a state of Gulmerk. Our fighters attacked the point of concentration of Turkish soldiers in the vicinity of the same barracks, where it was confirmed the killing of six soldiers of the enemy army, who rushed to bombard the vicinity of the area indiscriminately and by heavy weapons, without causing any losses in the fighters.

The statement pointed to the air raids launched by the warplanes of the Turkish occupation army on July 13 on the border of the "Tendork" area of ​​the "Agirî", where 3 of our fighters were martyred during the raids, and will be identified in a statement to be published later.


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