HPG: 2 Turkish soldiers killed in Dersim 

The media center of the People Defense Forces(HPG) said that the guerrillas targeted the soldiers of the Turkish occupation army in Dersim, the center confirmed the killing of two soldiers in the operation.

HPG Press Center said, "On June 3, a secret Turkish army unit was taken under surveillance by our forces as they laid an ambush near the Shoshveng Bridge in Dersim's Ovacik district."

HPG Press Center also said the "enemy unit" was surveilled for a long time and then at 18:00 the same day was struck at close range: "The effective hits resulted in the death of 2 soldiers and the injury of 2 others as far as could be determined. The actual number of casualties is higher."


The statement also included information on the Turkish invasion forces' airstrikes against the guerrilla controlled Medya Defense Zones.

HPG Press Center announced that on June 3 and 4, fighter jets bombed the Dola Cil U Car and Shexzade valleys in the Xakurke region.

Details of the attacks were listed in the statement as follows:

"On June 5, fighter jets bombed the Dola Cil U Car and Shexzade valleys from early morning hours until the night. Fires broke out in the area after these bombings, and 3 Peshmergas from the region Hoshawi Mikael, Mahacir Mikael Aziz and Jabir Halil Suleiman were wounded as they fought the fires. The invading Turkish army targeted these people consciously as they went to the area to put out the fires. This occupying state has no respect for any of the values of Kurdistan, and they target persons trying to defend their own natural environment in their bid to completely depopulate the area. The colonialist Turkish state system is targeting our people deliberately and systemically, and these chauvinistic, racist, massacres practices attempt to intimidate the people of Southern Kurdistan. The Turkish army is trying to intimidate the region’s population through intense bombings of the region, and has proven its hostility against Kurds once again in their attack against persons fighting the fires. We wish a swift recovery to each of the 3 Kurdish persons wounded in this deliberate attack.

In the Zap region:

-On June 2 and 3 at 22:00, fighter jets bombed the Kunishka region. In bombings on June 2, two of our comrades were martyred. The identities of these comrades will be announced to the public at a later date.

-On June 4 at 22:30, fighter jets bombed the Martyr Rustem region for 30 minutes.

In the Gare region:

On June 5 at 09:30, fighter jets bombed the surroundings of the Ergene village. In this bombing, the region’s residents’ orchards and gardens were damaged but there were no casualties.”


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