HPG: 2 operations against Turkish army in Serhed

The Media Center of the People's Defense Forces said that their forces carried out two sniper operations in Serhed area, and they resulted in killing two soldiers of the Turkish army.


In the context of the military operations and the aerial raids of the Turkish occupation army in Serhed area, the Media Center of HPG issued a statement of its official website to the public opinion.

The statement included,

"Within the Revolutionary Victory campaign that is ongoing in Serhed area, on March 12 at about 15:00 and on March 13 at 7:00, our forces carried out two separate operations by snipping the soldiers of the Turkish occupation army in Kirê Korê hill. During those two separate operations, two soldiers of the Turkish army were killed. After that, the Turkish army bombarded sites of our forces with heavy weapons.

On March 13 at 14:00, the aerial raids of the Turkish army bombarded Filleha village's square in al-Zê area, and at 16:00, it bombarded Çemankê square in Garê area in the lawful defense zones. The bombardment did not inflict physical bombardment to our fighters."


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