HPG: 1 officer, 13 Turkish soldiers killed in operations

The HPG media center said in a statement on Sunday (July 21st) that HPG carried out a series of "qualitative" operations against the Turkish occupation army in northern and southern Kurdistan, killing 13 Turkish soldiers and a high-ranking officer, and 7 wounded.

The statement pointed out that the Turkish occupation army erected a checkpoint on a hill in the road between Badlis and Hizan. "Our fighters monitored the movements of the enemy soldiers in that area. At 19:00 on July 19, HPG targeted a military convoy heading towards the hill, a military vehicle was destroyed, in addition to the killing of 7 soldiers, including the commander of the field of Badlis, Zafer Akush, in addition to wounding five others .. The helicopters also rushed to shell the area, as well as ground shelling by the occupation army, without casualties among our fighters who returned to the points of concentration ".

The statement pointed out that the fighters of HPG launched an attack, at 14:00 on the same day, the communications center of the Turkish occupation army in the square "Martyr Meagin" of "Tatwan" district of the region of Badlis "and our fighters completely destroyed the center."

The statement added: "On July 18, the Turkish occupation army brought a group of soldiers to " Dola Jhingen " square by helicopters, HPG launched attack on the group, and killed 4 Turkish soldiers and wounded another, and destroyed an unmanned aircraft was hovering in the atmosphere of the region .. As helicopters rushed to transport the bodies of dead from the area, and withdrew after they received painful blows. "

The statement pointed to operation carried out by the fighters of HPG, on Saturday, July 20, against special units belonging to the Turkish occupation army in "helicopter" hill, during which 2 soldiers were killed and another soldier was wounded, while the Turkish army bombed the area .

The statement added: "On July 19, in the framework of the campaign 'revenge for the martyr Media Mawa and martyr Rizgar Gever',HPG targeted a group of Turkish soldiers in the area surrounding the village 'Zvenk', killing a number of soldiers and wounded others,.. The enemy army was also quick to move the bodies of the dead and wounded by helicopters. "

The statement of HPG announced the martyrdom of two fighters of HPG in the bombing by the Turkish occupation army and we will reveal the identities of the martyrs in a statement to be published later.

The statement said that the Turkish military air force launched air strikes at 16:30 on July 19 on the hill of Hikari in the area of Mitina, and launched similar raids on Saturday between 11:00 and 13:00 : 00 on the square "Martyr Beritan" in the district of Khakurk, stressing that there were no casualties among the fighters of HPG during the bombings.


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