HPC: We are committed by defending our society, its gains

The Community Protection Forces (HPC) in Tirbê Spiyê district said they were adhered to protect the society and its gains against any attack.

On Thursday, the Community Protection Forces (HPC) in Tirbê Spiyê district of Qamişlo canton issued a statement to the public opinion that the Turkish occupation was carrying out ethnic cleansing and demographic change in the areas it occupied in Syria.

They asserted that as forces of the same community, they would protect their community and institutions against any attacks would be launched by Turkey or a threat to their areas.

The statement was read during a gathering of members of the forces in front of their center in the district by the commander Abdul Ghani Suleiman.

"The Turkish state and its mercenaries in their attack on our areas use all heavy weapons and even internationally prohibited such as incendiary phosphorus and napalm against our defenseless people in Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî, which led to the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people in those areas. During that, the Turkish state intends to occupy the lands of a sovereign state, displace the indigenous people with the aim of ethnic cleansing in front of the whole world.

The Community Protection Forces will not allow the occupation of their territory and the looting of the gains of components in northern and eastern Syria, and they are fully prepared to defend against the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries and prevent the emergence of ISIS mercenaries again, which Erdogan aspires by attacking the safe areas in northern and eastern Syria.''


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