HPC JIN plays leading role in providing security to protect residents

Members of the Community Protection Forces-Women (HPC JIN) in Aleppo are playing their leading role in providing moral support to the residents of the neighborhood. Four sessions have been launched since its inception, while women volunteer to join the ranks.



The Community Protection Forces-Women HPC JIN has played a leading role in protecting the neighborhood since its establishment in Sheikh Maksoud. They continue to devote most of their time to standing on the checkpoints and protecting the residents.

Sixty-two members guard themselves within a battalion and staying up to the comfort of the neighborhood.

On 25 June, 2015, with the participation of 60 women from various components of Kurds, Arabs and Turkmen, a battalion was formed in the name of Gula Salmu, to commemorate her resistance since the beginning of Rojava revolution.

Members participate in various military tasks such as guards, security checkpoints, inspection and supervision and are coordinated with the Internal Security Forces in the neighborhood.

There are 22 fixed points in the neighborhood, divided into sections of the neighborhood and at busy points such as markets and schools, where members take their role at those points for inspection.

Ending intellectual and military courses

Members of the HPC JIN receive intellectual courses whose themes are the importance of training, the history of women and the principles of protection.

Since HPC JIN’s establishment, four military courses for women of the neighborhood have resulted in how to use the weapon of decomposition, fitting and firing.

HPC JIN volunteers

In addition to the Gula Salmu Battalion for HPC JIN, 35 women and girls volunteered in the neighborhood and received military and intellectual training, ranging from 19 to 70 years to protect the neighborhood.

"Since the beginning of the fighting, we have organized ourselves to protect the residents of the neighborhood from any attack. The protection of the neighborhood is on our responsibility," Asia Hanan an organizer in HPC JIN said.

"We have been working to provide security for the neighborhood since the beginning of 2015, and we have taken part in dealing with mercenaries' attacks alongside the People and Women Protection Units," she said.



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