HPC holds second conference in Rumilan

Under the slogan "The Only Way to Save from Genocide and Systematic Killing Goes through the Self-Protection Approach," the second events conference launched the Society Protection Forces HPC in Al-Jazeera region in the hall of the center of Dikran in the town of Rumailan.



The second conference activities are attended by 950 members of the HPC from the regions, cities and towns of Al-Jazeera region in addition to a number of representatives of Autonomous Administration and Kongra Star held at the Aram Dikran Center for Culture and Art in the town of Rumailan,

Conference began with stand a minute of silence, and then the member of the Coordinator of Democratic Society Movement TEV-DEM Fawza Yousef delivered her speech with the blessing of the work of Conference wishing the participants success.

Fawza referred to the resistance shown by the strugglers in the prisons of the Turkish state and Leyla Guven's resistance, who rejected injustice and demands freedom.

She also said that the struggle and resistance in the regions of north and east of Syria brought the peoples of the region to the arena of international diplomacy and became a model of redemption and struggle thanks to the concept of Self-Protection.

For her part, she continued, on behalf of Kongra Star, the administrator Ihan Murad, in her a speech that the HPC played a role in protecting the region from terrorism and attacks and was supporting the military forces

After finishing the words, a five-member Board of Directors was elected to manage conference, while continuing to read and discuss the annual report.

Conference is due to conclude by electing a 63-member General Council of Society Protection Forces and making decisions on the work of the troops and their tasks.



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