​​​​​​​How do families protect themselves against COVID-19?

Residents of Al Jazeera region follow several protective measures to prevent the outbreak of the Coronavirus at homes. What are they?

The curfew was largely applied in northeastern Syria, according to a March 23th, circular issued by the Democratic Autonomous Administration of the North and East of Syria to prevent the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

The family of Muhammed Amin Isho, a resident of Ma'shouq village in the countryside of Tirbespiyê , has taken all actions needed, such as purchasing basic needs in accordance with the ban and instructing children on maintain the personal hygiene .

Isho pointed out that all members of the community are called today to join hands and cooperate in order to prevent the spread of the virus in the areas of northeastern Syria. He noted that the curfew is in the interest of all members of the society. He appealed to all families to apply it and to cooperate with the competent authorities to the public interest.

Home hygiene is the culture of our society.

Home hygiene is a community culture among the people. It is also a weapon to address the risk of epidemic diseases, so the people of the region are now maintaining hygiene and personal hygiene more than ever before, to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

 Yasa Sheiwish, Tirbespiyê , cleaned and sterilized her house completely, saying: "Home hygiene is a family cultures in our society. Today the world is under threat from a serious disease than before that is why we need most this culture.

She appealed to all families to cooperate to prevent the outbreak of the coronavirus in northeastern Syria.



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