​​​​​​​How do emergency teams work to prevent outbreak of corona in region?

The emergency teams work in the areas of northern and eastern Syria 24 hours a day to prevent the outbreak of the new Corona virus in the region, and these teams operate according to a system determined by the Crisis Cell that was formed on March 15.

One of the emergency teams formed in northern and eastern Syria to stave off the outbreak of the Corona virus is the emergency team in Qamishlo city which has received tens of reports from the people and hospitals in the city so far.

The Crisis Cell in al-Jazeera region has allocated 4 numbers to communicate with the emergency rooms in the region in case of suspected infection of the Corona virus. The administrator in the emergency operations room Saad al-Ali explained that they receive reports on a daily basis, and he said: "Some of them are false. We hope the citizens not to use these numbers for false reports which put the health staff in full alert, and our people must view the matter in a spirit of responsibility."

Saad al-Ali made it clear: "When we receive a call, some questions are asked to know information about the symptoms of the infected, and as a result, ambulance and emergency teams move to perform the necessary tests."

The emergency room in Qamishlo city received 350 reports, among them 7 reports were correct.

After receiving any notification from the citizens or hospitals in Qamishlo, the emergency room coordinates with the field ambulance teams.

Simaf Ibrahim, the member of the field ambulance team explained that as soon as information is received from the emergency room, we go to the specified location after thorough preparation.

While we were at one of the emergency medical points in Qamishlo city, we received a report from the emergency room of the city's ambulance team. Immediately, the team got prepared completely, headed towards the place, and examined the suspect's temperature, where he was a four-year-old child. After making sure of his high fever, he was taken to the private laboratory to examine the suspects for examination by Kit.

(Kit) was invented by the Health Body in North and East Syria with the participation of the Swedish Institute PEAS, and it was announced through a press conference on March 20, through which people infected with the virus will be discovered within 30 seconds, and it has been tried in 3 hospitals in Wuhan governorate of China during the spread of Corona virus.

After examining the suspected child via Kit, it showed a negative result, and he was returned to the hospital for treatment.

The Health Body in North and East Syria confirmed that no infection with the Corona virus has been recorded in the region so far.


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