How Assyrians evaluated February 15th plot in Syria

How Assyrians evaluated February 15th plot in Syria

Assyrian component in the north and east of Syria confirmed that the international plot against the leader Ocalan is an attempt to consolidate the conspirators tyranny at the expense of the peoples, in the context of limiting and fighting the democratic projects and ideas.

News desk – Abbas Khalaf

 The leader, Abdullah Ocalan, owner of the democratic nation system and philosophy, has a prominent position among the varied components of the Syrian people from "Kurds, Arabs, Assyrians, and other sects, nationalities, and religions", because he always called for coexistence ,brotherhood, and defending the rights of the oppressed peoples by the governments and ruling authorities.

In an effort to reduce  the ideology of the leader, Abdullah Ocalan, from spreading, February 15th , 1999 international plot was carried out.   since then, the resistance of the peoples who believe in the leader Abdullah Ocalan's thought started. Mass events are going on condemning the conspiracy with the participation of all components and peoples, including Assyrians in Syria.

 Hawar monitored the Assyrians' views  in northeastern Syria on the  the causes and motives of the international plot, and what the conspiratorial states gained after 21 years.

 In an effort to prevent spreading the ideology of Abdullah Ocalan, he was targeted on February 15, 1999 through an international conspiracy, since then the resistance of the peoples who believe in his ideology  has not ceased.

 The Assyrians in Tal Tamer and Hasaka areas in eastern Syria believe that the international plot that targeted Abdullah Ocalan's enlightened ideology, and tried to obstruct his thought  from  reaching to the peoples of the Middle East. they described the leader Abdullah Ocalan as the defender of  the oppressed peoples' rights by the  tyrannical powers; because of the ideas and projects they carried through which slavery and exploitation could be eliminated.

In the same context, they stressed that the conspirators in 1999 sought to consolidate their tyranny against the peoples. They said  this conspiracy is going on to the present, through targeting Syria  by Turkey, but it has not achieved any of its objectives so far. On the contrary, it has increased the people's circumvention around the leader's project It strengthened trust among peoples, the pace of its struggle against tyranny, and expanded the spread of these ideas.


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