Houthis control sites western Ma'rib, humanitarian crisis is exacerbated

The Houthi forces took control of the positions of the Yemeni army in Taba zeid al-Aqil and surrounding areas in the western areas of Ma'rib at a time of worsening humanitarian crisis and spreading epidemics, including cholera in different counties of the province of Rima.


Al-Masirah channel of Ansar Allah al-Houthi group quoted from a spokesman for the forces that they attacked the positions of the Yemeni army in Taba Zeid al-Aqil and the neighboring positions in the strategic Helan Mount in Sarawah county west of Ma'rib, and managed to control it completely.

Al-Houthi forces also advanced in positions of the Yemeni army in al-Taba al-Sawda, al-Safina and the surrounding areas in al-Waghra area adjacent to al-Jad'an in Sarawah that controls the main road linking between Nahm and Sarawah, and managed to control the strategic area following battles in which the UAE armored vehicles involved.

The county of Sarawah witnesses battles between the forces of Yemen and al-Houthi army from time to time, as the Yemeni forces seek to regain control of the strategic province, through which the pipelines pass the crude oil from Ma'rib to the port of Ra's Issa in al-Hudeidah, the province also includes a military airport.

AL-Houthi forces announced on December 21 their control over a mountain range and sites in the province of Sarawah seized by the government forces in 2016-2017 with an area of 34 square kilometers which means that they now control 90% of the province.

In another context, the humanitarian crisis in Yemen is getting worse day by day. The Ministry of Health in Rima governorate confirmed that the number of cases of cholera has increased in the last two days, and the area has expanded to new areas in the districts of Kisma, Mazhar and al-Salafiya.

"There have been 1,589 cases of suspected cholera in different districts of the province, and the death of 26 of the epidemic since January until last Thursday."

He stressed, "The health sector in the province of Rima is suffering from a significant lack of services, therapeutic possibilities and medical solutions as a result of the continued aggression and the siege."

The war between the two sides of the Yemeni conflicts has left difficult humanitarian and health conditions that have led to the outbreak of epidemics and the closure of a large number of health facilities in Yemen which is considered one of the poorest countries in the world.

Sixteen million people in Yemen suffer from severe hunger due to the war that cased the killing of tens of thousands and the collapse of economy.



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