Hours after the attacks.. a demonstration in Ain Issa condemning Turkish occupation's attacks

Students and the people of Ain Issa district went out with a demonstration condemning the Turkish occupation's attacks on the district and killing the child Hatem Zeidan, calling on the international community to intervene to put an end to these attacks.

This demonstration was organized by the Education Committee in Girê Sp canton to denounce the killing of Hatem Zaidan (9 years) from Ain Issa district, who was martyred due to his severe injuries during the Turkish occupation's bombing of the district last Friday.

The demonstration, in which hundreds of students and residents of the district took part, started in front of the martyr Hatem Zaidan School (Ismail Al-Hamad School), reaching the municipality roundabout in the center of the district, carrying with them pictures of the child martyr.

During the demonstration, the participants chanted slogans condemning the Turkish occupation and saluting the resistance of the Syrian Democratic Forces.

Upon reaching the municipality roundabout, the co-chair of the Girê Spi district council, Hamid al-Abed, gave a speech in which he condemned the Turkish aggressions and the indiscriminate shelling of the regions and countryside of Girê Spi canton, which caused the death of the child Hatem Zeidan despite the ceasefire agreement.

Hamid saluted the resistance of the Syrian Democratic Forces, which managed at dawn today to counter the attack of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries on the district.

On behalf of the students of the Martyr Hatem Zeidan School, the student Muntazer al-Shawakh delivered a speech in which she condemned the attacks and bombing that led to the death of their colleague, blaming the international community for the Turkish persistence of striking civilians and children who are not guilty of this plot that is being hatched against their areas.

While the teacher, Samer Muhammad, delivered a speech on behalf of the Education Committee in Ain Issa district, in which he condoled the child's family and denounced the Turkish bombing of civilians, describing it as intimidation and deliberate intimidation to displace civilians from their homes.

Samer expressed his wonder at the international silence on these violations and crimes that take place in the region.

Since last Friday morning, Ain Issa district and its countryside have been subjected to indiscriminate shelling. Yesterday, several shells fell on the northwestern neighborhood.

The Syrian Democratic Forces have been able to repel an attack by the Turkish army mercenaries on the northwestern side (the axis of the village of Saida) at dawn today and repelling them, they were forces to retreat.



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