Homs, Hama tribes condemn Erdogan's propaganda about safe area

In a joint statement, the sheikhs and elders of the Hama and Homs tribes refuted Erdogan's propaganda about the safe area “as a flimsy argument known to all,” denouncing Erdogan's threats and calling on the international community and the international coalition to stand with the people of northern and eastern Syria.

Participants in the statement delivered today in the meeting room at the headquarters of the Democratic Civil Administration of the Tabqa region of the tribal sheikhs "Mawali, Bani Khalid, Turki, Akidat, Jamalan, Musharfa, Amor, Fawara Kharasheen, Tadmara, Hadidin and Sokhna."

The statement was read by the sheikh of the al-Mawali clan in Hama by Obaid Nahar.

"We, as the people of Homs and Hama who are arriving in northern Syria, condemn the Turkish threats to the liberated areas, which have become stable and safe, where all components and communities live in love and loyalty," the statement said.

"We are loyal soldiers to the security of our dear areas, which have embraced us since our arrival and have preserved our dignity. We will not allow anyone to harm our security and any attack on them is an attack on our dignity." the statement said.

The statement concluded by calling on the international coalition to take a rightful stand "to build a democratic nation in the best way and on the right basis".


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