His will is stronger than his disability

After a shell fell on their house and he escaped death, he fled to another part of the city and lived in a house without a roof or windows. As a result of poverty, he left his city and fled to a village of its western countryside with his family, but he has suffered a lot from the war that inflicted to the amputation of his leg as he has become disabled, but that did not prevent him from practicing his hobby of playing football.

Ahmed al-Yahya, a 13 years old boy, lives with his family in the western countryside of Deir ez-Zor after his exodus with his family from Deir ez-Zor city. Ahmed is one of those who love football, but his situation prevented him to practice his hobby.

Ahmed narrates his story saying: "I am from Deir ze-Zor city. I was six years old when our house was hit with shells and we fled to another part of the city, but we were very afraid and as my father suffered from a heart sick, we were forced to displace from the city to settle in Ayyash village."

Ahmed added, "We had suffered for years from the displacement, poverty and hunger. We lived in a house without roof and windows. We were walking wide distances to fetch water. I took responsibility for my 4 siblings, father and mother, and I was forced to work in a shop selling food in al-Shmitiya village in the countryside of Deir ez-Zor for a monthly salary that was barely enough for the cost of bread."

In addition to the suffering of the displacement one day, a shell fell on the door of the store where Ahmed worked until he found himself in al-Mayadeen hospital and left his leg amputated.

Ahmed added, "The cost of the operation at that time was 700,000 Syrian pounds. It was like a thunderbolt for my father who does not have the cost of treatment. As I looked at my leg, I felt that I lost all my hope in the future. Football was my whole life."

At the end of his story, Ahmed said, "My disability did not prevent me to continue playing the ball, but that was a self-motivation to continue. In spite of all the difficulties, I continued training. My wish is to find whoever would help me to install an artificial side to be able to go on my life like other children and to practice football without crutches."



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