Hikmat Habib: Providing aid through Tal Abyad helps terrorist groups

 Hikmat Habib warned in response to a UN proposal to provide humanitarian aid through  Tel Abyad/Gire Spi crossing, he warned that providing  any humanitarian aid through the occupied areas would be "helpful to terrorist groups that are occupying Syrian territory."

  UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, has proposed using Gire Spi/Tel Abyad border crossing between Syria and Turkey to deliver humanitarian aid to civilians in Syria, instead of Al Ya'arabiya crossing between Syria and Iraq. The Deputy of the Executive Presidency of the Syria Democratic Council  ( SDC ) Hikmat Habib,  warned  that it would be "aid to terrorist groups in the occupied areas of the Syrian territory."

Habib noted in a statement to our agency that the Syrian crisis is at a dangerous juncture, especially with the intervention of foreign countries in Syria, with the aim of passing their interests on Syrian territory, " this has turned the United Nations and the Security Council into a tool in the hands of these powerful countries."

 Habib said UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres's proposal to introduce humanitarian aid through "an occupied crossing from an outside state would be used incorrectly, especially since there are terrorist groups in those areas, and this aid will not reach civilians in need in the camps.

Such a resolution that harms the reputation of the United Nations

 He also said that such a decision harms the reputation and integrity of the United Nations and the  international humanitarian organizations, and that "it is unacceptable that an externally occupied area should be used to introduce humanitarian aid, as such. The decision has a negative impact on the political process in Syria."



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