Hikmat Habib: constitutional committee must be formed through a national conference

Hikmat Habib said: "The central regimes have proved their failure throughout the world, pointing out that they are destined for decentralization, and that the formation of the constitutional committee to resolve the Syrian crisis must be through a national conference inside Syria and elected by the Syrians.

The Deputy Spokesperson of the Executive Committee of the Syrian Democratic Council(MSD), Hikmat Habib, said during a special meeting with Hawar News Agency on ways to resolve the Syrian crisis and the appropriate way to get Syria out of the whirlwind, according to the perspective of the Syrian Democratic Council.

Habib said: "With the entry of the Syrian crisis in its ninth year, during this period terrorist organization led by Daesh mercenaries appeared destroying the infrastructure and intellectuality of the community. He added:" We in the Syrian Democratic Council and Syrian Democratic Forces, we were able to defeat terrorism in the north and east of Syria and liberate these areas, and preserve the Syrian border and territory."

Habib pointed out that since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, they had a different reading: "The Syrian crisis is a structural crisis that will be prolonged and cannot be resolved within months." He added: "We chose the third track; to form the People's Protection Units at the time, as well as the Democratic Autonomous Administration in order to preserve the components of the region and the infrastructure of the country, and we succeeded in that, because we believe that cannot solve a side at the expense of the other.

Habib said that Democratic Autonomous Administration could be a nucleus to solve the Syrian crisis, explaining that they presented a vision and a roadmap to the Syrian government.

"It controls large areas, a legitimate government of the international community. We are dealing with it in this context for the real Syrian-Syrian dialogue, but there is a side within the Syrian regime that does not want to solve the crisis because they are convinced that the central system can determine their validity as it was before 2011."

The situation has changed on the ground, the central regimes around the world have proved their failure and are heading towards decentralization, "On this basis, the ball is now in the court of the Syrian government, if it is working to preserve the Syrian people and territorial unity," Hikmat Habib said. "It must be serious in dialogue with the Syrians to resolve the crisis, and not to involving the country again in a different agenda. "

Habib explained that dozens of conferences held in Geneva, Sochi and Astana were a failure as a result of the real absence of the active Syrian people on the ground.

He added: "There is a bitter experience of Iraq which is Bremer's Constitution, which led to Iraq to a state of fragmentation and division, and we fear that the case of Bremer  is repeated through an international personality or other superpower, those who draft the constitution must be the Syrian people and must form the constitutional committee through a national conference in Syrian interior, and write this constitution on Syrian territory. "

Habib pointed out that the United Nations is working to form a constitutional committee, he said: "But with an international agenda and a regional agenda; every group in this committee belonging to a superpower or a regional state or having affiliation to this party and that party and thus this constitution will be incomplete, and this committee will not succeed."

Hikmat Habib concluded that forming the constitutional committee will not succeed and will not happen during the next phase, due to the absence of seriousness of those who form it.



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