Hikmat al-Habib warns: A constitution drafted by foreign hands will divide the country

Hikmat al--Habib explained that the "guarantor countries" were the ones that fueled the Syrian crisis through their military interventions, and that the constitutional committees that are talked about by the "guarantors of Astana" work according to the sizes of those countries, and they are far from representing the Syrian people in all Its components


Yesterday, the so-called guarantors of the Syrian crisis, namely Turkey, Iran and Russia, met to talk about forming a constitutional committee or reconsidering the current Syrian constitution. Observers believe that the meeting of the three countries will focus on the Syrian constitution.

Hikmat al-Habib, deputy co-chair of the Executive Council of the Syrian Democratic Council SDC, described the meeting of the "guarantors of Astana" as a dilemma for the Syrian crisis and a great danger to Syria's future.

Habib pointed out that the "guarantors of Astana" are the main reason for the further aggravation of the Syrian situation through their direct military intervention in Syrian territory, He said: "Their intervention complicated the Syrian crisis, because these countries intend not to solve the Syrian crisis, and their meetings are not to implement the areas of De-escalation, but to share influence, which fueled the Syrian crisis and make it more complex, tense and divided. "

Al-Habib affirmed that the outcomes of these meetings illustrate the objective of Turkey, Iran and Russia, which is to extend their influence on Syrian territories. He said: " their talk about the Constitutional Committee confirms this, as we do not find any representation of the Syrian people in those meetings and committees, this reminds us of the Iraqi constitution, which was drafted with foreign hands and divided Iraq. "

He pointed out that the constitutional committees that are being talked about by the “guarantors of Astana” are detailed according to the sizes of these countries and are far from representing the Syrian people in all its components. About him does not represent the Syrians. "

On another issue, Hikmat Habib expressed his indignation at the recent statement of the Syrian regime and its foreign policy against SDF, which provided thousands of martyrs in their battles against ISIS mercenaries.



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