Hifter describes Erdogan as fool and vows to continue fighting

Libyan army commander-in- chief Khalifa Haftar launched a sharp attack on Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and accused the Accord Government of treason and selling Libya to the colonizer.

In a recorded radio address broadcast by the commander-in-chief of the Libyan Arab Armed Forces, Hifter affirmed that the fighting would continue until pushing out the "colonial" humiliated, accusing Turkey of desire to return Libya to the "backward" empire.

Hifter also congratulated his soldiers on the occasion of Eid Al-Fitr, praising their valor and asserting that "Every Turkish who tramples the land and every mercenary sent by Turkey's fool and every traitor, is a legitimate target of artillery fire."

Haftar said in his speech: "To our valiant officers and soldiers on all axes of confrontation with the brutal Turkish colonialism. Happy new year. You who make glory while you face this hateful colonist who aspires to control our riches, after it recruited for itself clients and traitors who lack honor and dignity."

He continued: "To our valiant officers and soldiers, you are fighting an open holy war on all fronts, a comprehensive war in which nothing but victory, just as we have become accustomed to our wars against terrorism, will fight and fight until we push out the colonialist humiliated and defeated."

Haftar pointed out that "Every Turkish aggressor set foot on our land to occupy it and every mercenary, a stooge sent by Turkey to help its aggression, and every traitor agent who sold the country to the colonizer and sided with the enemy’s row is a legitimate target for the fire of your cannons.

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