Hevin Ismail: Turkey's deliberate burning of crops threatens people, economy of region

The co-chair of Girê Spi Canton Council Hevin Ismail condemned the Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries for burning agricultural crops in Girê Spi countryside and Ain Issa, and demanded that the international community pressure them to stop its attacks against the people's livelihood and the economy of the region.

The talk of the co-chair of Girê Spi Canton Council came as a comment on the deliberate intention of Turkey and its mercenaries to set fire to farmers' crops in the lines of contact lines in the villages of Hoshan, Khalidiya, and Sidon near the town of Ain Issa, south of the occupied city of Girê Spi/ Tel Abyad.

Ismail condemned the practices and violations of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries by burning farmers ’crops, thus inflicting material losses on their property and sustaining their children.

She justified their inability to control or put out these fires, fearing that the fire brigades would be targeted by the mercenaries of the occupation, because of the outbreak of fires in the areas near the villages occupied by Turkey and its mercenaries.

She called on the international community and the Russian guarantor to put pressure on Turkey and its mercenaries to stop its attacks on the people's property and set fire to their agricultural crops, thereby destabilizing food security for them and affecting the economy of the region as a whole.

The Turkish occupation set on fire to the farmers' crops in the village of Bir Zanar, Llaq Lu and Kor Hassan, and on the same evening, it set fire to both Al-Hoshan and Khalidiya, and all these villages are located in the western countryside of Girê Spi on Thursday.


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