Hevin Ismail: Erdogan's main goal is to change demographics of the region

The co-chair of GIRÊ SPî Canton Council Hevin Ismail said that Erdogan's threats come in his desire to change the demographics in the area, by resettling Syrian refugees in Turkey within the regions of northern and eastern Syria.   

The statement of the co-chair of GIRÊ SPî Canton Council Hevin Ismail, during an interview held by Hawar news agency (ANHA), commented on Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's statement that he wants to resettle Syrian refugees in northern and eastern Syria and threatens the region with a military attack despite the beginning of the implementation of the stages of the security mechanism. Understanding between the SDF, America and Turkey.

"If we look at Erdogan's goal from a political and social perspective, we see it as a serious thing that he intends to implement," says Ismael.

"We do not consider our people in Turkey to be refugees who left because of the war conditions in northern and eastern Syria, who wants to return his home, we will not prevent him, but we are against the processes of demographic change that Erdogan seeks. "

Hevin Ismail pointed out that "Turkey's goal is to restore the glories of its alleged Ottoman power in the region, through the repetition of what happened in Afrin, al-Bab, Jarablus, Azaz, Idlib, Turkey seeks to occupy as much as possible area of Syrian territories by various means and methods. "

Turkey's dissatisfaction with the understanding on the security mechanism recently reached to ensure border security, and added "We conclude from the threats that Erdogan makes from time to time that he strongly regrets the agreement between the SDF and the Turkish side mediated by the United States of America."

"We, as GIRÊ SPî Canton Council and SDF, respect the agreements that will bring peace to the region," she said. The GIRÊ SPî Military Council implemented the agreement by filling the military fortifications, the withdrawal of the SDF beyond the agreed distance with their heavy weapons, the Border Security Forces of the GIRÊ SPî Military Council receiving the border points and joint patrols between the United States and Turkey



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