Hesso: Tribal elders insist on confronting Turkish attacks

Gherib Hesso explained that through its mercenaries and army, the Turkish occupation is trying to carry out genocide against all components of northern and eastern Syria and their daily threats are proof of this.

 In order to find out the latest political developments and events in the north and east of Syria in light of the Turkish threats, the Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) held a meeting in al-Shadadi area.

The meeting, which was held in the People Municipality Hall, included representatives of civil institutions, elders and dignitaries of the region's clans, in addition to the participation of the TEV-DEM's co-chair Gherib Hesso.


The meeting began with holding a minute of silence, then Hesso noted that the goal of Turkey is to strike the will of the components living peacefully under the Democratic Autonomous Administration that has become a model for the world by building the administrations, institutions and protection system, and how they ended Daesh and terrorism in the field.

"Turkey's threats to the north and east of Syria have become more frequent recently," he added.

He stressed the need to unite all components of the people in northern and eastern Syria to defeat any Turkish attack, as they defeated ISIS mercenaries before.

In the same context, Suleiman Darwish, head of the Tribal Council in al-Shadadi stressed the adherence to the unity of the people in the region with all its components, and said, "Everyone would struggle to prevent the invasion of the Turkish occupation on the land of northern and eastern Syria."

Sheikh Mohammed al-Rawi, head of the notables of Al-Shadadi, expressed "the awareness of the peoples of the region and their awareness of the thought and mentality of Erdogan, which seeks to undermine the victories achieved by the peoples of the region and the Syrian forces who defeated his mercenaries on this land."

The meeting ended by stressing the need to hold such meetings to put the people in the form of political developments, and clarify the purpose of the Turkish occupation.



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