​​​​​​​Hesso: Kurds should unite to support KCK campaign

The Co-chair of the Democratic Union Party, (PYD) Aisha Hasso, called on all Kurds to unite to stand behind the Kurdistan Community Union, (KCK) campaign to confront the Turkish state's attacks on all the territories of Kurdistan.

The KCK launched a campaign under the slogan "No to isolation, Fascism and Occupation, It is Time for Freedom", for confronting the Turkish occupation's attacks on Kurdistan and breaking the isolation of the leader Abdullah Ocalan.

On this issue, the Co-chair of the PYD, Aisha Hasso, spoke to Hawar News Agency.

The KCK campaign was properly received

At the outset of her speech, Aisha touched on the escalating attacks of the Turkish State on all territories of Kurdistan and its crimes against the Kurdish people, which called for the KCK to launch a campaign against the Turkish aggression.

She noted that the KCK campaign is well welcomed on large scale by the people, especially at the present time. She indicated the PYD supported the campaign by organizing events and activities addressing the challenges of the present-day stage.

"The Turkish state impedes a solution to the Syrian crisis"

During her speech, she touched on the Syrian file, Rojava situation, and the Turkish state’s occupation of the territories, "The solution to the Syrian crisis is far-fetched with the Turkish negative role and intervention. She said

She also recalled the significance of the KCK campaign, which " It came at a time, the danger of the Turkish state is increasing on Rojava and NE Syria in particular because it seeks to deepen the Syrian crisis by expanding its influence in the region amid a shameful international silence."

"Turkey has not been committed with a ceasefire."

Regarding Turkey's failure to abide by the ceasefire in the NE Syria regions, Aisha said: "The Turkish state violates all international laws and norms, with the aim of expanding its occupation by killing thousands of children and women in the populated areas."

"Turkey is working to extend its influence and carve out the territories of neighboring countries under flimsy pretexts to revive the Ottoman Empire. Turkey's ambitions will not stop at the borders of Syria, but rather Mosul and Kirkuk." She also added.

"Join the ranks of the Kurds to support the KCK campaign"

During her speech, Aisha appealed to the people of Rojava and the Kurds in all parts of Kurdistan to unite their ranks to support the campaign of the KCK and ward off all plots being hatched against the Kurdish people.

At the end of her speech, the Co-chair of the Democratic Union Party, Aisha Hasso, stressed the need to put an end to the attacks of the occupying Turkish state on the territories of Rojava and to protect the gains made with the blood of the martyrs.



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