Hesso Ibrahim: KDP seeks to prevent the Yazidis from protecting their rights

Deputy co -presidency of Autonomous Administration Council in Şengal, Hesso Ibrahim expressed his rejection to the agreement that signed between Iraqi Government, and the Government of Southern Kurdistan on Şengal, stressing their insistence on the struggle against the forces that seek to leave them alone in the confrontation of treason.

Şengal agreement that signed between Iraqi government and the government of Southern Kurdistan under supervision of the Turkish state and the United Nations envoy to Iraq, Jeanin Hennis- Plasschaert, raised resentment of the Şengal residents and rejection democratic institutions.

Vice co-Presidency of the Autonomous Administration Council in Şengal    Hesso Ibrahim indicated that the agreement was concluded with the support of the Turkish state, and aims to repeat the genocide against the Yezidi people, and said that this agreement does not serve the interest of the people of Şengal in any way.

" Şengal province is no longer the same as it was before 2014"

Hesso Ibrahim added: "This agreement is a political agreement, what contains is totally rejected in which the will of Şengal residents have been sidelined, we in Şengal are no longer that people who were before 2014."

He added "the agreement ignores the views of Şengal residents, they seek to impose their control on Şengal, it is also consistent with the political Islam policies of the Turkish state, and he said that Şengal residents are realized that people such as the so-called Qasim Shisho, who betrayed his people, participated in the agreement. 

Hesso Ibrahim noted that the Kurdish people in southern Kurdistan are also dissatisfied with this agreement: “Qasim Shisho betrayed his people for his own personal interests, but such people do not enjoy enormous respect of between their people.”

"Firstly, KDP must apologize."

Ibrahim recalled the massacres that the Yazidis were exposed to at the hands of ISIS mercenaries in 2014, and said that the Yazidis were not the same as they were before the massacre (74), and that the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) had not held ISIS mercenaries to account so far, and instead concluded an anti-Yazidi agreement.

On the plans of the KDP related to this agreement, Hesso Ibrahim said that the KDP seeks to impose its control on Şengal, and stressed that the people of Şengal are dissatisfied with this agreement: “The Kurdistan Democratic Party seeks to strip the people of Şengal from the forces that defend them, but we will not be dragged into this conspiracy. First, the Democratic Party should apologize. "

"We will defend our values"

Hasso Ibrahim indicated that they have previously confirmed in several official statements that they refused to let the Kurdistan Democratic Party take decisions instead of the Yazidi people, adding: “we have severely suffered, they seek to leave us again in without protecting in confronting the attacks, and we do not seek to fighting, but in such situations, we will defend our values ​​and Şengal with all our strength."



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