Her meeting with Ocalan changed her thought

 Asma Arafat confirmed that her meeting with Ocalan changed her thought, stressing during the meeting that the self-reliance and that each person sees himself as a leader, and that the enemies of the Kurds focused on weakening the role of women in society.


The Turkish state continues to impose strict isolation on the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan, which is considered by Asma Arafat sister of the martyr Welat that it targets the ideology and philosophy of Ocalan that the Turkish state hostile to the Kurdish cause and legitimate rights and trying all ways to weaken the liberal thought of the peoples of the region.

Asma met with Ocalan during the 1990s in Damascus and stressed that the meeting was still engraved in her memory and every word that Ocalan had said was true in the future and added, "Because he told us then you should look at yourselves as leaders and manage your areas.. You must have a high level of experience to manage yourself. "

Asma said that, during the meeting, which lasted more than five hours with Ocalan, the leader noted that the enemies of the Kurdish people focused during their own wars on weakening the role of women in society, and this should end because they realize its importance in society and develop it and liberate it.

Ocalan explained the peoples' truth

Asma also pointed out that Ocalan stressed the freedom of all peoples and unite them and told us that the enemies of the people are trying to dismantle society by all means and you are required to stand against this policy and you must be as responsible in the management of your community and rely only on yourselves and the day that you exercise your activity through the media the whole world is aware of your cause.

Asma hopes that she will meet Ocalan again among his people.



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