​​​​​​​Hehan Ali: UNICEF must intervene to protect children rights in Afrin

More than 300 children have been exposed to violations by Turkish occupation and its gangs, which documented by Human Rights Organization of Afrin, and crimes are considered as war crimes.

Hundreds of children were killed by the Turkish occupation

The Human Rights Organization of Afrin region, which is concerned with documenting violations, confirmed that more than 300 children have been victims of the Turkish occupation, killed and wounded by the Turkish army and its mercenaries, since the occupation of Afrin.

More than 10 civilians, including 8 children, were martyred by a massacre committed by the Turkish army and its mercenaries in Tal Rifaat district in al-Shahba district.

The jurist in the Human Rights Organization, Hehan Ali, said that the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries committed the most heinous crimes against civilians. "The last of which was the indiscriminate shelling of the city of Tal Rifaat, which is inhabited by civilians, from the refugees of Afrin on 2 December 2019, which resulted in the martyrdom more than 20 civilians, the majority of them children."

War crimes under international laws

Hehan Ali stressed that the massacres committed by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries amount to war crimes against humanity under international laws, "There are many crimes that rise to the level of war crimes and against humanity under international treaties such as The Hague Treaty 1899-1907 and the Rome Statute 1998 and the four Geneva Conventions 1949 and the protocols attached

The Jurist Hehan Ali said that the children of Afrin are subjected to various types of violations under the Turkish occupation, including abuse and kidnapping for the purpose of extortion and ransom demand "as happened with the child Mohammed Sido Khalil, who is 10 years old", in addition to imposing the Turkish language on children in schools and other violations

Hehan stressed that they are in the Human Rights Organization for the Afrin region working to document the crimes of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries and to communicate them to the concerned parties, and to issue statements and reports in this regard.

And called on all human rights and humanitarian organizations, especially the children's rights organization UNICEF, to protect children, to intervene immediately to stop these violations and not only reports and denunciations.

In conclusion, he called on the United Nations to play its humanitarian and moral role "to protect civilians, especially children and women, and to break its silence and work for the safe return of the displaced persons to their homes."



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