Heavy shelling on Aleppo neighborhoods

Mercenaries of the Turkish occupation committed a massacre in Aleppo city by shelling many neighborhoods. At least 8 civilians lost their lives and tens were injured most of them were from Al Sukari neighborhood. The city witnesses mutual shelling between the mercenaries and the regime forces.

Many neighborhoods in Aleppo have been exposed to mutual shelling since the morning hours between the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation and the Syrian regime forces on the western axes of the city, Phil and Jahanam missiles are used by the mercenaries.

Informed sources assured for our agency that the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation targeted 300-flat project in Al Hamdania and Al Sukari neighborhoods as well as Jumiet Al Zahra'a and Share’ Al Nile. A massacre happened as the result and 8 civilians killed and tens injured most of them from Al Sukari neighborhood in a shelling on the neighborhood’s market square.

The Syrian regime responded to the sources of shelling using heavy artillery and surface-to-surface missiles from their position at  Al Muhllab military barracks and the vicinity of Sheikh Najjar area, and shelled both the towns of Hureitan, Mansoura, and al-Rashiden neighborhoods in the north-eastern country of Aleppo, which is under the control of mercenaries.

The sources also pointed to bringing the regime forces military reinforcements on the axis of al-Leramon and Jumiet al-Zahra to fortify their points or prepare for an upcoming campaign.



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