Heavy blows against Turkish occupation army in Wan

The HPG troops carried out an operation targeted Kontra members in Westan District of Lewan resulted in wounding 4 members of Kontra.

The media center of HPG issued a written statement on the operations which carried out by HPG and the air attacks launched by the Turkish army.

4 members of the Kontra Forces wounded in Wan

The statement of the media center of HPG noted that on June 18 at 00:10 our troops cut off the road linking Metmans neighborhood and the upper neighborhood of Westan District of Lewan where our troops alerted the people to make sure of the identities of the passers-by.

After this operation at 02:00a unit of Kontra tried to attack the area where our troops targeted this unit and managed to wound 4 members of the Kontra troops.

After the operation, the Turkish occupation army launched an operation in the area and raided the civilians' homes and threatened the people.

Our unit returned to its headquarter without losses.

Aerial attacks

On June 22 at 08:00, the warplanes of the Turkish occupation army shelled martyr Delila and Qesrok Hill in Heftanin area of Medya without any casualties in the ranks of our troops. "



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