​​​​​​​Health center to detect corona virus was opened in Kobani

The Health Body in the Euphrates region has opened a health center in the city of Kobani, to receive and examine cases suspected of being infected with the Corona virus, and is also completing the installation of a quarantine center in the village of "Idoqi", which is scheduled to open within a week.

In light of the proliferation of Corona virus in most countries of the world, and the high number of deaths and the inability to contain and prevent its spread in neighboring countries, the Autonomous Administration in North and East of Syria in has taken a series of measures to prevent the virus from spreading.

Among the measures taken, the Health Body of the Euphrates region has begun the opening of a special health center to examine suspected cases of infection with the Corona virus, equipped with the necessary medical supplies and medical teams in Mushta Noor hill in the city of Kobani.

The center's mission is to receive suspected cases, conduct medical examinations to confirm the injury and provide medical care, all of this free of charge.

The center includes 20 beds and is supervised by specialized doctors. The authority is also preparing to equip quarantine health center in Idoqi village on the Aleppo-Kobani road. It is scheduled to be ready within a week to receive those infected with the virus, if any.

The Autonomous Administration in North and East of Syria has allocated $ 100,000 to the Health Body in the Euphrates region as a budget to tackle the Corona virus.

The supervisors of the Health Body in the Euphrates region appealed to all citizens to refrain from gathering and mixing and stay away from crowded places, and pay attention to public and private hygiene, and called on everyone who shows symptoms of the virus to go to the health center to perform the necessary checks.



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