​​​​​​​Health Body: The two Corona infected are in good condition

The Health Body of al-Jazeera region explained that the two infected with the Corona virus are being monitored and in good condition, and periodic tests are being made for them. It confirmed that the measures to ward off the outbreak of the Corona virus are continuing, and that the body equipped 550 beds in quarantine centers.

The Health Body of al-Jazeera region organized a press conference in front of the Health Body's headquarter in Qamishlo city about their health measures and the status of those who have been infected with the Corona virus.

The co-Chair of the Health Body in al-Jazeera region Rabreen Hassen explained during the conference that the body has so far conducted 47 tests on the PCR device, and 2,000 tests on the Kit discovered by the Health Body and the Swedish Institute. She made clear: "Only two cases have been registered so far, and they are the spouse; one of whom is in the National Hospital in Qamishlo and the second in the quarantine at home, while their families were tested, and the results were negative."

The two cases entered the region illegally

The co-Chair of the Health Body in al-Jazeera region Menal Mohammed explained during the conference that the two cases were smuggled into our areas, and entered them illegally. He clarified that the Syrian government did not close Qamishlo airport before the arrivals movement. He said: "We condemn its non-cooperation with us and covering up the infected, if any."

Menal Mohamed wished the parties that pledged to provide medical assistance to fulfill their promises, and explained: "So far, only the Kurdistan Region's Government has provided us with medical assistance, and the international community should contribute to opening the border crossings from which the aid comes."

Mohammed noted that places and 550 beds have been equipped for isolation and quarantine at the level of al-Jazeera region, as there are two quarantine centers in Qamishlo, and three in al-Hasakah, and Covid 19 Hospital opened by the Kurdish Red Crescent. Furthermore, the centers are equipped with oxygen cylinders and necessary sanitary.

Menal Mohammed, the co-Chair in al-Jazeera region revealed that the quarantine was imposed on 12 families in separate areas of al-Jazeera region. As for Qamishlo, the quarantine was imposed during the first batch on 86 people, in the second batch, the curfew was imposed on 30 people, while in the third batch , the sanitary isolation was imposed on 34 people. Then, they were removed from the quarantine after 14 days of incubation time for the Corona virus after confirming their negative tests.


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