Health Body receives 5 PCRs and 500 kits provided by Kurdistan Red Crescent

Today, the Health Body of al-Jazeera region received 5 other devices of PCR type to detect viruses and 500 kits provided by the Kurdistan Red Crescent in southern Kurdistan.

The devices arrived through Semalka crossing, and they were delivered by the Kurdistan Red Crescent delegation coming from southern Kurdistan.

The devices were received by the Co-chair of the Health Body in North and East Syria Joan Mostafa, the Administrator of the Health Body in al-Hasakah canton Ramanda Issa, and the Kurdish Red Crescent Organization in the city.

During receiving the devices, Joan Mustafa said: "Since the revolution of Rojava, the Kurdistan Red Crescent has been providing assistance and capabilities as much as possible to the people of Rojava. Today, 5 PCR devices and 500 kits, which are difficult to be secured at the moment, have arrived in northeastern Syria."

Mostafa confirmed that with the arrival of these devices, their needs of PCR devices have been fulfilled in the region, and that these devices will be distributed as needed to the regions.

Mostafa also thanked on behalf of the people in northern and eastern Syria the Kurdistan Red Crescent and all those who helped to deliver these devices to northern and eastern Syria.

He appealed at the end of his speech the people to abide by the precautionary measures taken by the Autonomous Administration to counter the Corona pandemic.



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