Health Authority calls for compliance with directives and resolutions to prevent corona outbreak

The Health Authority of the Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria called on citizens to abide by the directives and resolutions regarding the prevention of the coronavirus outbreak and to follow the rules of the personal prevention at the same time, appealing to anyone who shows symptoms of infection to contact the in-line medical centers.

The Health Authority in northeast Syria recorded two confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus today. Both cases are a husband and his wife from the city of Al-Hasakeh. As a precautionary measure, Al-Hasakeh District Council and the city's Health Directorate decided to put Al-Omran neighborhood, where the cases were diagnosed with the virus, under quarantine.

The Health Authority called on citizens to abide by the health procedures and decisions issued by the Autonomous Administration.

"As a result of medical tests for the suspected cases, a person and his wife from Al-Hasakeh were diagnosed with COVID-19," the authority said. The wife is currently quarantined at the National Hospital in Qamishlo, while the husband is under quarantine at home.

What we are facing today is a global pandemic that threatens many countries and communities. We are currently preventing the coronavirus outbreak in our regions despite the lack of the Syrian authorities cooperation; as it allows many citizens to enter without being examined at the medical points to ensure their safety and non-infection.

We call on our people to be careful and to follow the directives and decisions of the Autonomous Administration of the North and East of Syria, follow the rules of personal prevention and stay away from crowded places. All those who show symptoms of infection have to communicate with our center and medical teams in the northeast Syria to save their lives and people's lives around them."



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