Health Authority announces state of emergency

The Health Authority in Al Jazeera has declared a state of emergency within the regions of north-eastern Syria to confront the coronavirus, tighten the sterilization measures, take prevention measures, increase awareness campaign and centers of screening the individuals

As a precautionary step, the Autonomous Administration of the North and East of Syria announced a decision which carried the number /23/ of suspending hours in schools and universities in northern and eastern Syria, in addition to the cancellation of all gatherings in the areas of northern and eastern Syria.

Following the decision of the Autonomous Administration in north-eastern Syria, the Health Authority held an emergency meeting at the Authority's headquarters in Qamishlo, to take a number of precautionary decisions and measures to prevent the threat of Coronavirus, which has become a global epidemic, and to prevent its entry and spread in the northern and eastern regions of Syria.

The coronavirus, which is now a concern for the world public opinion, first appeared in China in mid-December 2019 and is now a serious threat after it has crossed China's borders and spread to many countries around the world.

The Health Authority in northern and eastern Syria confirmed that no cases had been reported in north-eastern Syria.

The co-chair of the Health Authority in Al Jazeera region, Manal Mohammed revealed to our agency of taking several decisions to confront the coronavirus during the meeting, including declaring a state of emergency in northern and eastern Syria, tightening sterilization procedures and preventing the virus, increasing the awareness campaign by the Health Authority, and screening centers for the individuals to make sure they are protected from the virus.

 According to media reports, 145,369 people are infected with Coronavirus worldwide, 5,429 have died and 71,694 have recovered from the virus.



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