Head of UN observer team arrives in Sanaa

The head of the UN observer team on the redeployment committee, General Michael Lollesgaard, arrived in the Yemeni capital of Sanaa.


Al-Arabiya T.V quoted sources as saying that the head of the international observer team on the redeployment committee Michael Lollesgaard, who arrived from Aden, arrived this morning in Sanaa.

In a related context, the Yemeni government said that it is keen to implement the Swedish agreement as an integrated system and that the mission of the UN envoy is to declare the party causing the human suffering.

The talks between the Huthis and the Yemeni government are to be held under international mediation to discuss the differences between the two sides. The international envoy is expected to discuss with the leaders of the Houthis the issues of the prisoners' matter, as well as the issue of withdrawal from Hodeidah and its ports, issues that the Houthis continue to delay.



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