Head of Sabaean- Mandeans:  We call that Turkish troops withdraw from Iraq proper 

Satar Jabar Helo head priest and the spiritual leader of the Sabaean-Mandeans in Iraq and the world expressed his rejection of attacks carried out by the Turkish occupation state against medya defense zones in Southern Kurdistan saying ''this is unacceptable'' calling for an overall withdrawal of Turkish troops from Iraqi territories.

Since 17 of April the current annihilation attacks and an eradication campaign is launched by the Turkish occupation army with participation of Kurdistan Democratic Party, the PDK, against medya defense zones in Southern Kurdistan in a clear target of the Kurdish culture and identity embodied in the Kurdistan Freedom Movement.

Iraqi politicians and men of religion and notable figures expressed their rejection of the attacks of the Turkish army in Southern Kurdistan.

Head priest and the spiritual leader of the Sabaean-Mandeans in Iraq and the world, Satar Jabar Helo made a statement to ANHA.

Satar Jabar Helo confirmed that the ''attacks by Turkish troops on the Iraqi soil are unacceptable,'' saying: ''at a time where we reject the Turkish military operations on the Iraqi soil that is unacceptable, we lay much stress on the necessity of consolidating positive tries with Turkey based on the mutual interest of both countries, and solving the security related issues via cooperation and joint coordination, the sovereignty of Iraq should be respected''.  

Satar Jabar Helo confirmed that Turkish occupation forces in Iraq should withdraw from Iraqi territories, '' Turkey should withdraw its forces proper from Iraqi soil in a way that shows respect to the Iraqi sovereignty. Hostile acts will not create any sound ground for any sustainable solutions or complementarity in the face of security challenges that necessitates among other priorities increasing the security cooperation between the two sides as a successful way to meet all sought interests and stand up to challenges''.

Satar Jabar Helo said ''Iraq has the legal right to take necessary measures and proper steps in accordance with the United Nations Charter and the rules that regulates the international law towards such hostile acts because it (Turkey) does not respects the principle of neighbourliness''.  



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