​​​​​​​ Head of Endowments in Al-Raqqa: Cutting off Euphrates is crime against humanity

The head of the Endowments Office in Al-Raqqa, Ali Nayef Al-Shuaib, stated that cutting the Euphrates water to millions of Syrians is a major war crime. The international community must take a serious stand towards it and work to hold the Turkish system accountable.

The hostile policy of Turkey's Erdogan will lead to a severe humanitarian catastrophe, which is difficult for the International Security Council to remedy, in the event that global countries, headed by the League of Arab States, remain on the lookout for it, as this policy reflects the extent of his hatred against all components of the Syrian people.

In a special meeting conducted by our agency, Hawar, head of the Religious Affairs Office in Al-Raqqa, Ali al-Shuaib said: “The Turkish state continues its fascist regime to cut off drinking water by reducing the level of the Euphrates which led to suspending more than 21 water pumps in delivering drinking water.

That caused concern to most of the Syrian citizens inside Syria in general, and in northeastern Syria in particular, with the great significance of water in his saying: (And we made water from every living thing.)

Al-Shuaib concluded his speech by criticizing the international silence on these practices by saying: "The international community continues to pursue a policy of distancing oneself from these human crimes that human history will record. What is the position of the Arab and Islamic countries that advocate world peace from these practices?" It has earned and trusted the Syrian people for the past ten years? "

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