​​​​​​​Head of doctors:  Hygiene and quarantine crucial in preventing Covid-19

Head of the doctors at People Hospital in Al Hasaka city, explained that the main items for preventing the coronavirus are hygiene and quarantine. He confirmed that they are carrying out several precautionary measures at the People Hospital against this virus.

Corona is currently considered one of the most dangerous viruses, as it spread around the world without finding breakthrough in its  treatment, despite its rapid outbreak among the countries.

 The Autonomous Administration of the North and East of Syria has taken several precautionary measures to prevent the spread of this epidemic, including the closure of schools , shops and institutions and imposing the curfew

In the context of the coronavirus outbreak and ways of preventing it, Hawar News Agency met with the head of the doctors at People Hospital in Al Hasaka, Antar Sino, who said in a statement: "The coronavirus was transmitted from the epicenter, Wuhan city in China. This virus causes acute lung disease and  it's a DNA virus. the genetic makeup of the virus allow it to spread rapidly in cells, so it spreads rapidly among  humans leading to a global epidemic."

"Due to the change in the virus makeup; there is no treatment till this time. The main item in preventing the virus is hygiene; washing hands with soap and water at a time for 30 seconds, in addition to avoiding gatherings.  The distance between the person and the other must be about a meter."

Sino addressed a message to the people stressing that quaratine is the only solution not to spread the virus, he continued: "If a person contracts the disease in the city, it will spread throughout the region because we do not have the devices and medicines to avoid this epidemic," he said.

 Sino noted, that they at the People Hospital are carrying out several measures to prevent the coronavirus. They equipped the mobile room in front of the main entrance of the hospital with  a device to measure the temperature of any person entering the hospital. If the temperature is high, he is sorted to a private mobile room in order to follow up on his health.

"At the moment, I recommend taking vitamins C, D and I. vitamin C, increases immunity and "A" is an antioxidant, in addition to drinking too much fluid because it helps to get rid of toxins in the body and strengthens the body's immunity," said the head of doctors at The People Hospital in Al Hasaka.



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